May 2022

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    Learn. Practice.
  • Repeat everyday.

June 2022

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    Learn. Practice.
    Learn. Practice.
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July 2022

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    Learn. Practice.
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August 2022

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    Learn. Practice.
    Learn. Practice.
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State of Affairs

May 30 2022

  • One week later and well, I got a bit distracted. I spent a couple days playing
    chess and only got through a couple sections on my programming course.
    It has gotten hot out here which does not help at all. From here on forward I
    will be working on saying 'no' to distractions and focus on deep work. Books
    I ordered this week came in a couple hours ago so I'm excited to start on
    those on top of my programming course. This means I now have a full student
    load of study material which consists of - Java programming, Calculus, Linear
    Algebra, Algorithms & Data Structures, and Discrete Mathematics. Learning all
    this math is not necessary but I have a 'thirst for knowledge' associated with
    these subjects that I NEED to quench. Now, back to learning.

May 30 2022

  • Started learning calculus and linear algebra. Introductory material for now but
    I intend to learn it thoroughly. When I was only focused on one thing (Java) my
    mind seemed to stagnate after about 6 hours but to my surprise it switches back
    on when I switch to a different subject. This too will generally be limited as well
    (roughly 4 hours). I'm guesing for each stretch I stagnate 2 hours earlier so I
    decided to study three subjects each taking up 6-4-2 hours respectively for a
    total of 12 hours a day. With an hour break inbetween and 8 hours of sleep, that
    leave me 4 hours of which 1 hour will be spent keeping my cat entertained and
    another on maintenance so I will have roughly 2 hours of free time for whatever
    I want which is nice. One of those hours will likely be spent working out most days.

May 26 2022

  • Just completed OOP section and moving on to Arrays, Lists, Autoboxing, Unboxing.
    I also covered topics like Polymorphism, Encapsulation and Composition. I'm just
    now 1/3 done with this whole course. Assuming things get more complicated, it
    should take at least (it's been 2 weeks so far) another month to finish the course.
    This would be without taking the MOOC course which I will take after this one. I
    decided it'd be best to master Java before moving branching out to solidify a
    foundation. If I finish next month, that would be 6 weeks which is not bad. After
    another 3 weeks or month to finish the MOOC course, I'll have finally gotten my
    toes wet. I may postpone the Algorithms course and go straight into intermediate
    Java then advanced, hopefully, before the 6 month mark. Either way, I won't stop
    learning Java until I have created myself a few medium sized projects completely
    from scratch.

May 24 2022

  • Attempted the Algorithms course.. and nope, not happening. I need a lot more
    experience. The introduction called for a little project I haven't learned yet. So I
    went back into Java which is naturally quite challenging at times. I'll be sticking
    to this until completion and keep trying until I get every section. I just rewatched
    a long video and doing so helped tremendously. I will continue to seek ways to
    magnify comprehension. If I need to retry it over 100 times 100 different ways just
    to understand even a little bit, that I will. Like learning a rubik's cube, eventually it
    all 'clicks'.

May 21 2022

  • Finished another (currently challenging to me) coding exercise. It had me
    stumped at first and unfortunately, after what I wrote yesterday, almost gave up.
    Thankfully, I persisted and after laying in bed, solving the rubik's cube a handful
    of times and petting my cat - I finally managed to piece it together. There were
    pretty huge hints in the exercise description that I finally put together in order
    to solve it. My solution was just slightly off from the most efficient version and
    like all the other exercises I had thought of the idea but failed to implement it.
    Almost done with this section (Control Flow Statements) and next section up
    is OOP Part 1 - Classes, Constructors and Inheritance. Though, after this section
    I'll pickup where I left off on MOOC until all caught up there as well.

May 20 2022

  • Just finished my first palindrome code. Interestingly a palindrome checker is one
    of my javascript projects I've yet to complete. I now realize how easy all the projects
    needed are on that course is to pass but right now I am very eager to practice Java.
  • I thought it was the next day for some reason and wrote a new entry. Crazy how time
    flies now. I completed a handful more small exercises and so far solved them (and
    all the rest) with only tips given with the problem. While learning javascript I solved
    some problems after looking at the solution and after today I realized that is a huge
    no-no if you really want to learn. From now on, as long as I believe I have all the right
    tools to solve a problem, I won't look anything up unless I am 100% sure I'm not getting

May 19 2022

  • Exercises are getting funner and my mind is adjusting to the programming way.

May 17 2022

  • Finished a bunch of preschool Java exercises.
  • The more I learn the more I'm able to fabricate creative ideas in my head. Lots of potential ahead.

May 16 2022

  • Progressing in Java, it will definitely take a little bit before I have it
    down completely but I'm absorbing and retaining everything.
  • I officially have my macbook personalized to my liking which was what I've
    been procrastinating on so I should also be more focused in the days ahead.

May 13 2022

  • Almost forgot I had a website! Nearing 1 month mark.
  • Started Java courses on & Udemy.
  • Website design refresh imminent.
  • Website officially updated!

May 9 2022

  • Finished Intermediate Algorithm Scripting.
  • Will revisit Projects section after Java & Algorithms course.

May 7 2022

  • FP --> Intermediate Algorithm Scripting.

May 6 2022

  • OOP section complete --> FP (Function Programming).

May 5 2022

  • Built Candy Crush using JavaScript thanks to Ania.
  • Skimmed through JS Algorithms & DS.
  • Taking a break to prioritize Algorithms, Part 1 by Sedgewick.
  • Unenrolled due to Java prerequisite.
  • Finishing JS tomorrow then on to Java.
  • After Java --> Algorithms course.

May 3 2022

  • Onto JavaScript Algorithms & Data Structures

May 1 2022

  • Completed Regex section, onto Debugging.
  • Finished Debugging section, continuing tomorrow w/ Basic Data Structures.

Apr 30 2022

  • Finished ES6 section of the course after taking a couple days off. On to the next!

Apr 26 2022

  • Completed Basic JavaScript section of the course. Moving on to ES6.

Apr 23 2022

  • Completed my final project and earned my first certificate.
  • Day one of learning JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures.

Apr 22 2022

  • Finished project #3. Was tough so didn't personalize it.
  • Project #4 complete! One more project then on to JavaScript.

Apr 21 2022

  • Added a title and favicon.
  • Finished project #2. Learned a lot - screenshot.
  • Started The Pragmatic Programmer audiobook.

Apr 20 2022

  • Finished CSS Flexbox and Grid.
  • First project was very simple. On to the next!

Apr 19 2022

  • Finished Applied Accessibility.
  • Responsive Web Design Principles, check.

  • Are you going to succeed?

  • Not much added today but starting projects tomorrow!

Apr 18 2022

  • Created an email address.
  • Completed Applied Visual Design.
  • More changes & added temp pic.

Apr 17 2022

Apr 16 2022

  • Day one of learning Responsive Web Design.
  • - Shoutout to ( -
  • Learned basic HTML.
  • Currently learning basic CSS.
  • ( has been born!